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Gender Position and category Region Company size Age group Net monthly salary
gender_icon Product Marketing Manager Commerce Međimurska n/a 45-54 1,407.90 USD
gender_icon IT Director Top Management Grad Zagreb n/a 35-44 6,533.74 USD
gender_icon Economist Economy, Finance, Accountancy Primorsko-goranska n/a 35-44 2,220.15 USD
gender_icon Machine Operator, Machinist Mechanical Engineering Bjelovarsko-bilogorska n/a 35-44 1,299.60 USD
gender_icon Consultant Economy, Finance, Accountancy Grad Zagreb middle company 25-34 2,211.49 USD
gender_icon Marketing Manager Management Grad Zagreb n/a 35-44 3,519.75 USD
gender_icon Administrative Worker Administration Grad Zagreb big company 1,299.60 USD
gender_icon Bookkeeper Economy, Finance, Accountancy Primorsko-goranska small company 25-34 1,445.81 USD
gender_icon Buying Agent Commerce Grad Zagreb middle company 25-34 1,254.11 USD
gender_icon Problem Manager Information Technology Grad Zagreb n/a 25-34 1,949.40 USD