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Gender Position and category Region Company size Age group Net monthly salary
gender_icon Service Technician Information Technology Zagrebačka big company 55+ 1,725.00 EUR
gender_icon Woodworking Technician Wood Processing Industry Brodsko-posavska small company <24 766.00 EUR
gender_icon Cook Tourism, Gastronomy, Hotel Business Primorsko-goranska n/a 55+ 1,108.00 EUR
gender_icon Co-ordinator Transport, Haulage, Logistics Osječko-baranjska big company 25-34 1,147.00 EUR
gender_icon Travel Guide Tourism, Gastronomy, Hotel Business Splitsko-dalmatinska small company 950.00 EUR
gender_icon Maintenance Engineer Production Grad Zagreb n/a 35-44 1,500.00 EUR
gender_icon Waiter Tourism, Gastronomy, Hotel Business Osječko-baranjska big company <24 857.00 EUR
gender_icon Site Manager Construction & Real Estate Krapinsko-zagorska middle company <24 900.00 EUR
gender_icon Chemist Chemical Industry Grad Zagreb n/a <24 1,200.00 EUR
gender_icon Junior Project Manager Management Zagrebačka small company 25-34 1,183.00 EUR