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Gender Position and category Region Company size Age group Net monthly salary
gender_icon Junior Accountant Economy, Finance, Accountancy Grad Zagreb n/a <24 6,193.00 HRK
gender_icon Shop Assistant Commerce Grad Zagreb big company 25-34 5,230.00 HRK
gender_icon Independent Expert Associate Public Administration, Self-governance Ličko-senjska n/a 45-54 6,500.00 HRK
gender_icon Archivist, Registry Administrator Administration Koprivničko-križevačka n/a 35-44 6,417.00 HRK
gender_icon Payments Clerk Banking Varaždinska n/a 45-54 6,000.00 HRK
gender_icon Warehouseman Transport, Haulage, Logistics Zagrebačka n/a <24 5,000.00 HRK
gender_icon Qualified Mechanical Engineer Mechanical Engineering Zagrebačka n/a 25-34 10,250.00 HRK
gender_icon Civil Engineer Construction & Real Estate Grad Zagreb small company 25-34 7,208.00 HRK
gender_icon Javascript Programmer Information Technology Grad Zagreb n/a 35-44 11,500.00 HRK
gender_icon Managing Director Top Management Grad Zagreb n/a 14,500.00 HRK