Salary Survey Methodology

Individual Salary Comparison

One of the important issues that raise the interest of people in the labour market is the salary. The paycheck is a very sensitive topic; not everyone possesses the courage to ask their friends or acquaintances how well their job pays. Comparing one's salary with a colleague in the same work position is next to impossible, as asking about their paycheck is usually considered rude. These days, the internal documents of many companies even clearly ban communication about salary amounts among employees.

Nearly everyone feels he or she earns too little. With nowhere to check the assumption, the feeling remains subjective and may not correspond to reality.

The MojaPlaca.hr salary survey enables you to compare your salary level with people who work in the same work position as yours or one similar to yours who work in the same region, have comparable experience, etc.

The MojaPlaca.hr salary survey

This salary survey was found in 2007 with the previous name Merces.sk. Provider of the salary survey is the company Profesia, spol. s r.o. In the same time, since 2005. MojPosao conducted salary survey of its own. Now, the two are merged and MojaPlaća is new product with better service.

Input data

Source data of the MojaPlaca.hr salary survey is information from survey participants who filled out online questionnaires. The validity of each questionnaire is one year.

All data in the salary survey is anonymous.

Output data

Prior to the calculations as such, the data sample is "cleaned up". Errors, for instance negative figures, extreme values such as a monthly salary of 1 kn or 1 000 000 kn, are filtered out first. A statistical method based on quartiles then helps prevent extreme values from influencing the results.
After this cleanup of the source data, calculations are conducted: average salary from the salary survey, average highest and lowest salary level from employers' job postings, and job seekers' expectations.

The survey results only publish data we have acquired and approved:

  • one profile (one questionnaire output) can remain in the sample for one year at the most,
  • we never modify the questionnaire answers,
  • neither inflation nor the cost of living are taken into account during the calculations,
  • we never estimate the salaries in one region based on another region.

For ease of understanding, we also provide a diagrammatic representation of the salary comparison results.